The South Bronx Emergency Network, Inc. (SBEN-D3) is a COADs (Community Organizations Active in Disasters)

South bronx emergency network,inc

The South Bronx Emergency Network, inc. (SBEN-D3) is a COADs (Community Organizations Active in Disasters) located inside of Bronx Community District#3 1426 Boston Rd, The Bronx, NY 10456. Founded by Wali Abdun-Noor/ Bronx 3 CERT & Noor COMM Enterprises Inc. Including:BX3CERT- Ground Swell – DOHMH – NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM) – Incarcerated Nation Network- The DOME Project – created the COAD called the ‘South Bronx Emergency Network – District 3’ (SBEN-D3). SBEN-D3 held several organizing meetings which were attended by representatives of over 20 District 3 organizations, agencies and Houses of Worship.
SBEN-D3 sole purpose is to create, maintain, update and implement, when necessary, Bronx District 3 Community Emergency & Disaster Plan. Bronx District 3 is the geographic area covered by Bronx Community Board 3 (map below). This plan is to be a template for other communities around the Bronx and beyond.

Indicated in the 2016 Community Emergency Planning in NYC and the last Community Preparedness Council Meeting’ sponsored by NYC Emergency Management the Commissioner of NYCEM confirmed this situation by saying “NYC CANNOT DO IT ALONE”; the New York City government does not have the emergency resources needed to respond to a major citywide disaster incident or event that seriously affects the quality of life for all New Yorkers over a period of several weeks, months or even years. In the winter of 2019, this was made evident in the Corona – 19 Virus Pandemic.

January 2020 began working with FEMA, NYCEM, NYCH&H & a host of other organizations to continue work using the community emergency based model designed.

Community Building

Building relationships in our community is the most powerful thing we can do to prepare for such an emergency or
Disaster. Developing an emergency network during non-emergency times will help our community become extremely
more prepared to respond to and recover from emergencies of all shapes and sizes. Communities with strong social ties
are able to communicate, identify needs, and coordinate resources more effectively even during normal times. Thus NYC
is assisting local organizations to create Community Emergency Networks for the purpose of creating Community
Emergency Plans

Community Networks are the organizing of community stakeholders into groups such as COADs (Community
Organizations Active in Disasters). COADS are made up of community organizations, businesses, houses of worship,
community centers, senior centers, day care centers, schools of lower & higher education, tenant associations, medical
facilities, concerned individuals and any other entities that will be willing to service people in the community either
before, during or after a disaster.

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